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"The Anti-troll club"

Sadly, the trolls and mary-sue themes infested the APH community. Pictures, who are completely covering the word "terrible" in quality view.

I founded this club, to assure a place for thoose artworks, who are more than a simply fanart. Hetalia gives us a chance, to represents a piece of culture and history to each other, with common symbols, in an artistic line.

The club favours chiefly pictures wich introduce different cultures (tradition, music, art, film) but artworks about historical themes (including the 20th century's and the present's happenings) are welcoming as well.

So, everything, wich is more than a simply fanart

And now the rules in a nutshell.

:thumbsdown: We are NOT going to accept the following themes: :thumbsdown:

:bulletblack: Pictures focusing only about pairings and romantical relationships ( every romantical relationship counts! (so no yaoi,yuri,hetero) )
:bulletblack: Therefore, hentai, yuri, ecchi, and boy's love themed pictures would also rejected.
:bulletblack: Mary Sue Themes (flagwave, uniform, Russia with bleeding bodyparts, America stoking hamburger etc.)
:bulletblack:Just a simply fanart

**( Remember, we want to share interesting and clever things with each other. Since the previously listed themes are way too overused and such, - and not to say, some of them are discusting and terrible - we decided, to reject them.)**

And the most important rule,
We created a strict line against the drawing's quality:
So we WOULD NOT accept: ( even, when it's ok with the previous submission rules: )

:bulletblack: Badly scanned booklet/school notebook sketchies
:bulletblack: Pictures taken with your mobile
:bulletblack: Pictures, whom unavaliable to get rated because of its bad quality

We're going to check every picture on, before we submit it in the gallery. In the same time, we are not supposed to explain, - when we withdraw your submission, because maybe it's not fitting with the rules - why did we.

:thumbsup:We are ALLOWING pictures with the following themes::thumbsup:

:bulletblack: Drawings and comics about culture (worldwide) (music,gastronomy,tradition etc.)
:bulletblack:Historical themes
:bulletblack:Traced film scenes (What we really mean here is a good adaption, not a strict copy - Just be creative C; )

We kindly ask you, to write an english info about your picture in your artist comment! (Don't feel ashamed to have bad english, we cannot speak too good as well! =P )

The Techniques:

:bulletblack: Sketches, Tegaki dumps,
:bulletblack: Illustrations
:bulletblack: Comics

**(Manual, digital, or mixed way it doesn't count. Just watch out the rules and the quality)**

About the submission limits:

We are not planning a limit for a while - because we don't think, we would receive so many pictures in the beginning, that we should have to do it. Of course, this would definetly change in the future.

We are also planning to make challenges for every month or every second month. This challenges isn't common with the contests - so no fee or values. We made this only for your (and our) amusement. It can be possible too - if it's going to be popular - that we would use challenges instead of accept randomly submissions.
The first possible challenge would held in October - but we're going to announce it right in time. Check out our journal regularly, to get every info right in time!

If you have questions still, feel free to ask us. We'll try our bests to answer on.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!
Xiiau and Ellinor
The founders


Hey guys, (also, hey new members as well)

  First I'd like to thank the help of :iconmcmitters:, cause without her, it woulda be really hard to give a little life for this club. Xiiau and I are ultra busy with the thing called life. =P
  But uh anyways, I felt like to discuss with you this whole monthly challenge thing and such.
I say, let's run all the exsisted ones, till the end of December, untill we found out new ones in January.
Here are the Challenges:
:bulletblack: Popular artwork adaptations ( Read more about it here. )
:bulletblack: Countries and comics
:bulletblack: And instead of Halloween theme, let's celebrate the Holidays of December. It doesn't have to be Christmas related, I mean, there's other little celebrations as well. This is an exchange club, so you know, be creative to represent a country ;)
And still, this monthly challenge thing isn't that important as it sounds,it's not required to do, it's all for the fun.

Thanks for being awesome and joined here, we're trying our bests, to keep entertain you. :heart:
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