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Yo guys,

Sorry for the late, we are kinda busy, but we are trying to keep up the best we can! :icontearplz:~:heart:
  Thanks for everyone, who voted on the previously monthly theme poll. It was really helpful to us, cause we also heard interesting ideas from you. It's really nice to see, some of you are interested in.

This link for those, who don't have a single idea, what the hell I'm talking about:

Soooo, I guess, it's time to announce our winner.
"Popular artwork adaptations"
I have already explained in the poll, what does this mean, but I tell it again:
In this challenge, we're going to choose a famous artwork, and our members have to make a good adaptation from it.

And our chosen artwork:…

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was an impressionist painter from France. He had a good relationsip with Claude Monet, and this picture portraits him actually.
I hope this is not a hard picture. Just remember, adaptation doesn't mean a copy! I mean, for example, you don't have to paint like Renoir did, ( though, if you think this is your goal, you can try, of course! ;D) The only main point is, that it has to be related with Hetalia!

Helpful starting points:
Which Hetalia character pops out from your head, when you're looking at this picture?
What do you think, what kind of athmosphere he sits in? Thinking it trough and draw this place! So expand his area! Or change the viewing angle!
You can also play with the techniques, the tools etc.

So everything is accepted, - you know, as long as it fits with the rules! (:

Also, :iconmcmitters: suggested a Hallooween theme, since it's an actual celebration. With this, she made me thinking that it's actually totally logic and such, and Im like wow, why do I have to complicate stuff, lolhaha, so how about this:

:bulletblack:Every "celebrateful" month there will be a second little, not so official theme thingie. So until november, we're going to accept halloween themed pictures as well. ( I think, october and november is ok for halloween? )
Of course halloween doesn't count only to America. Scary national folktales, national traditions, (cause not everyone going to party in the halloween season right? ) are welcoming as well.

(And then of course, December is the month of Christmas! :xmas: )

So in the end a little summary, just to make sure every date and such:
- Artwork adaptation theme runs only in October.
- The second celebration theme runs until November.
- These are not a contest, just an inspirational thingie fo' fun. If you totally don't want to draw anything, you can submit regular stuff, we listed in the club's rules.

Oook, I think that's all. ( Lol am I talking too much? ) I think, the next month, - since I saw people were really interested on that too - gonna be "Comics and countries" so hang on! ;)
And If you still have questions, feel free to leave questions here.

Thanks fo' reading, and good work!
Xiiau and Ellinor

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