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Hey guys, (also, hey new members as well)

  First I'd like to thank the help of :iconmcmitters:, cause without her, it woulda be really hard to give a little life for this club. Xiiau and I are ultra busy with the thing called life. =P
  But uh anyways, I felt like to discuss with you this whole monthly challenge thing and such.
I say, let's run all the exsisted ones, till the end of December, untill we found out new ones in January.
Here are the Challenges:
:bulletblack: Popular artwork adaptations ( Read more about it here. )
:bulletblack: Countries and comics
:bulletblack: And instead of Halloween theme, let's celebrate the Holidays of December. It doesn't have to be Christmas related, I mean, there's other little celebrations as well. This is an exchange club, so you know, be creative to represent a country ;)
And still, this monthly challenge thing isn't that important as it sounds,it's not required to do, it's all for the fun.

Thanks for being awesome and joined here, we're trying our bests, to keep entertain you. :heart:
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December 10, 2010


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